With Ruthless Inefficiency (mafiabass) wrote,
With Ruthless Inefficiency

Been a while

I've been toying with finishing 30 years in 30 days. Nothing concrete. While it was implied by the timing that I wanted to get one year a day through to my 30th birthday, I think I can cheat and pick the days I post them.

I've been going through a lot of stuff lately, most of it physical. In June, I had a nasty bout of Plantar Fascitis that had me hung up for a few days. I needed a cortizone shot to be able to walk. In August, I hurt my back pretty good. I tweaked it at work carrying some produce-- I must have done something exactly wrong because it wasn't all that heavy-- then it froze up on me the next day while I was gathering chopped lettuce with both arms in front of me. It felt like I was dry heaving, and I couldn't get it to stop. My driver that day shift was a new hire, and it was his first day not training. Matt has really been thrown into the fire since he was hired, but that's for another paragraph. As I was recovering from that, I got sick. As in, I couldn't breathe heavily without hacking. It was really weird. I never got the drainage I normally do when I'm sick like that, but I was always coughing up the most foul crap. And then last week, I acquired another gout attack. It was nowhere near as bad as I've had it, but still a nuisance and a half. I'm totally out of shape. Since I quit driving and became a manager, I've grown more and more sedentary. I stand around all day, and that makes we want to sit all night. It's a vicious cycle that I'm going to have to break if I want to be mobile when I'm 50!

I kinda wanted to talk about work and some other stuff, but it's super late now, after being hijacked by the rest of the internet. Good night.
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