With Ruthless Inefficiency (mafiabass) wrote,
With Ruthless Inefficiency

To Florida!

We're about to embark on a bus trip to Florida for a few days with Fairmont State's Marching Band. It should be fun. We could use the vacation. Once I get back, I have to vwork pretty much the entire week to make up for the work I'm going to miss over the weekend. :/ c'es la vie

I have a lot of stuff going on right now-- A LOT-- but I really can't talk about any of it. That's why I've been largely silent on LJ and Facebook. Well, that and since I don't get paid to hand people their asses, I stayed away from ignorant political posts as much as I could. Let's just say I was kinda "successful."

Well, I'm off to don my alter-ego's thinking cap. Hopefully I can come with some easily implementable ideas for my next internet endeavor. Is that intentionally vague enough?

Catch you later
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