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A Life Update, Sans Stuff I Don't Want To Talk About

Damn, were the Red Sox bad this year! Damn, were the Patriots bad in the AFC Championship! Damn, both Rondo and Sullinger done for the year for the Celtics! As good as it has been to be a fan of my sports teams lately, this has been a bit of a lean year. Yeah, New England almost went to the Super Bowl, but everyone knows that both the Pats and Celts are the girl you brought to the dance because the Red Sox turned you down. When the Red Sox come calling, you drop the others like a bad habit.

Lindsay got a membership to Planet Fitness earlier this week. I think we're going to work out on Mondays and Wednesdays there. At first I was skeptical of the atmosphere, but I like the 30 Minute workout and the 12 Minute Ab Station. This is more because it's regimented than I'm good at it. All things being equal, however, I should get good at it. I just wish my foot wasn't hurting. That's from, well, I don't really know. I don't think it's the plantar fasciitis returning because wearing my overnight boot doesn't help it. Could be a bone spur, I hope not.

In August, I stopped running the local Magic events. I desperately needed a break. Last Saturday was a pre-release event for the new set, and it was the first tournament I had ran in almost six months. I don't have any interest in taking over week-to-week events again, but the larger ones that are much less frequent should be fine. It was the largest tournament I had ever ran-- 76 people! I think it went very smoothly, considering. We only "lost" something like 40 minutes total in between rounds. 8 hours for a 7 round event seems like gangbusters to me!

Well, I had better go. Got stuff to do today, including a tournament that should be much smaller. Catch you later

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