With Ruthless Inefficiency (mafiabass) wrote,
With Ruthless Inefficiency

Feeling better today

We talked the Dr Gharib today and she was trying to temper her optimism, because you never know, and I could tell. I think she believes that Lindsay will probably be fine. While I like that, I don't want to give into a false sense of hope. I'd rather brace myself for the worst.

This is going to require some significant time off work, more than likely. I can try to make the hours back up somewhere, but then someone else gets the shaft. Lindsay losing hours will hurt too. We'll figure it out, though.

There's a couple other things I've been thinking about, but I don't want to say them both because I know you wouldn't want to read them, and because at some point Lindsay will have access to these posts. These are things I'm going to have to get off my chest at some point, but most likely in person. It's too personal to see any light of day on the Internet.

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