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Three and a half months.

Since I last posted on LJ, there have been some... Changes. Some good, some AWESOME, and some I'd have preferred didn't happen. Let's see...

On July 3, some dude ran a stop sign and plowed into my Neon, totaling it. The cop at the scene didn't exchange our insurance info, and it ended up being over a month before I could get my new car, which is a 1998 Buick Lesabre custom. It's pretty sweet, IMO. There are a couple more things I want to do with it, like add a device that will allow the steering wheel controls to work with the new stereo I put in (I had bought it for the Neon the day before the accident), and wire the remote entry system I bought cheap on eBay into it. Plus if I'm really ambitious, I can replace the manual climate control with a digital one. I really liked that about my first Buick.

I started running some Magic events again. There's a local game shop that was doing Monday night Magic events, and I committed to running their Legacy events every other Monday. Last week, some drastic changes happened there, and now that series of events is at Sal's on Tuesdays. Because of that, and some other stuff, I will be running about one Friday Night Magic per month. Also, I am planning shaming event on FSU's campus November 9th to benefit Kappa Kappa Psi. There are a couple things that need to be finalized before I can do real announcements with official times and stuff. That's why I haven't plastered anything and everything with it. But I will.

I'm coming home! Both FSU and EFHS are planning alumni band events for homecoming this year! This is the first time in a long time for EHFS. October 12 is FSU and October 18 is EFHS. I'm glad they aren't on back to back days because I don't know if I could play my horn back to back days. It's been a hell of a long time since I've had any need to. I'm ordering a rugby from EFHS so I'll have one. Did I mention I'm SUPER PUMPED about this?

I may be a little worn out for FSU's homecoming because I'm going to see Pearl Jam the night before in Pittsburgh. I don't get out to many concerts, so this ought to be pretty fun for me. I just wish Lindsay could go. Unfortunately, she's not able to be around all the smoking and loud noise because... (And most of you already know this) she's pregnant! That's right, we're going to be parents! Our little one is due roughly April 17. That's right in between Lindsay's and Mom's birthday, haha. Fine for baby, less fine for them. That wasn't intentional, per se. We'd been trying on and off for a while now. We are in week nine. I don't have a preference as to a boy or girl because I won't let myself. We can come up with a name for each, but I never want my child(ren) to feel like I wish they were the other gender. I personally believe it's impractical to not find out the gender beforehand, but Lindsay doesn't want to know, so that's going to be interesting. Our first ultrasound is this coming Thursday.

We had a scare a couple of weeks ago from Lindsay's surgical scar. There was a line in it that had become discolored, and a circle developed in the line. Melanoma has forced us to deal with some things that just aren't things you want to deal with, especially when you think you're too young for it. We have our whole lives to live, you know? Well, she had the spot removed, and a few days ago, we got the call back that it was nothing. The doc had a good feeling at the appointment to begin with, but she took the spot off just in case because of the history there. I joked that maybe it was a freckle, and the scar was really beginning to heal outwardly, then snip! You can't be too careful with melanoma. It's no joke (even though I joked about it).

I've been trying to post humorous stuff of Facebook lately, in an effort to change my attitude toward the things I'm not thrilled with in my life. That's going to be a locked post story, for later. Right now I want to focus on the good. Catch you later

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