I was reading over some old LJ posts tonight.

I do that a lot, especially when I should be sleeping. Anyway, here's a snippet from just over five years ago:

"Now, where was I? Oh yeah. The people, places and things that allow me to maintain my reality (as I've established, it's not really an illusion). Monday night I delivered pizza to Roger at his dorm room. He's a KKY brother. My little brother Sam came down to say hi with his girlfriend. Then came Lindsay and finally Roger. I was practically ecstatic to see them! Especially Lindsay. Aside from Dori's, her friendship is probably the one I value the most out of all my brothers. She is like a second sister to me. Then there's my trumpet. When I walked into Joe Retton Arena tonight to play in the pep band, I knew. That is what I love to do, even more than playing Magic. After playing the National Anthem, I could feel it. Then we played the fight song. It gives me such an incredible rush! Basketball games are even better than football games because there's no marching involved, just playing stand tunes. I sounded really good tonight and for the mos tpart I picked up right where I'd left off a month ago. I need a little work on stamina, but who doesn't?"

I got a kick out of the part I hyphenated. I also got a kick out of talking about pep band, and it reminded me that I could mention that Lindsay and I are doing pep band again this year. We haven't done it every year, though. At the last one, we played an arrangement of <Gonna Fly Now" that has a really high solo trumpet part. For some reason, I was able to hit and sustain the top note, which is a double E, and was previously considered by me to be out of my range. I know how I did it, too. Apparently, it is possible to sacrifice volume for range, something I'd not considered previously. I've always been the guy who's out there on the first day of band camp trying to "save the world" with my horn. In fact, I specifically remember playing "Soul Man" at a pep band gig years ago. My recollection is that I couldn't hear anyone else playing. As in it sounded like I was playing by myself to me, but I wasn't. After it was over, I mentioned that it sounded weird to me. I asked Doc if I was really playing that loud and she acknowledged that I played over the entire band, including the trap set. Don't ask me how because I wasn't trying to do that.

Math Alert

I guess I can ramble a bit about some math stuff. A couple of weeks ago at the card shop, a friend of mine was talking about a couple math problems he was given as part of a phone interview. The first was about the hands of a clock. How many times do the hour and minute hand overlap in the course of a day on a 12 hour clock? We talked about it, and I tried to get all technical on it. I wanted to graph the sine curves for each hand, and the second hand, too, for shits a giggles. I don't remember equations (or technical terms) very well. The graph would be of time in minutes. The second hand's period is 1 minute (y=sin (pi/30)x), the minute hand's period is 60 minutes (y=sin (pi/1800)x), and the hour hand's is 720 minutes (y=sin(pi/43200)x). They all start from zero obviously. Anyway, I was going to look at this graph and see where the hands intersected, and that would give me my answers. The equations I gave in parenthesis are what I think these graphs would be, based on a cursory inspection of sine waves on wikipedia. I'm trying to fins an online graphing tool which will show you what I'm talking about, but it's going slowly. I'll reply to this with it if I find one.

Unfortunately for me and all the time I spent on this, the question isn't nearly as difficult as that. Think about it: where do the two hands intersect? Well, at 12, 1:05ish, 2:10ish, etc. If you look at them, you'll realize that the hands do not meet in the 11 hour, so they intersect 22 times a day, at an exact 12/11 hours, which is something like 65.4 minutes. Leave it to me to waaaaaay overthink this.

A second question was to consider every prime pair. These are prime numbers separated by one number, such as 11 and 13. Can you prove that the number in between is divisible by six? This one didn't take nearly as long, but I still had to think about it because I'm really rusty with this sort of thing. First off, we know the number in between is even, which makes it divisible by two. We also know that every third number is divisible by three, and that the two numbers around the middle one aren't. That means the middle number is compelled to be divisible by 3. If a number is divisible by two and by three, guess what it's divisible by? BAM!

Another geeky math thing I discovered a couple weeks back is how to hand calculate square roots. To my recollection, I never learned to do this. Yes, I know that's what a calculator is for. But when shit hits the fan, and you don't have a calculator, and the fate of the world rests of you calculating the square root of 67, you'd damn well better know how to etch your work onto your stone tablet! I found this tutorial on it, and I'm wondering why it doesn't look familiar to me at all. I must have been taught this at some point in my life, right?

Chad Kroeger Goes Broke

Chad Kroeger, if you are unaware, is the lead singer for Nickelback. Sometime in the future, there will be a huge falling out between Nickelback fans and members. There is a new web comic dedicated to chronicling these hard times for Chad Kroeger:

Chad Kroeger Goes Broke

Philosophically speaking, I find that watching a formerly rich man trying to get through the same daily hardships us common folk go through is theraputic. Not really, I just made that sentence up. I'm writing the comic, and I think you should check it out if you haven't already.

Oh yeah, I wear glasses now

When I renewed my license at the DMV, I took that stupid little eye test, and I got the last one WRONG! At this point I was fed up with my sometimes blurry vision, and decided to go see an optometrist. Of course, I put it off because I'm a lazy s.o.b., but decided a couple weeks ago to go get my eyes checked because Lindsay was leaving Wal-Mart, and we wouldn't have any insurance to pay for it.

For most daily stuff, including work, I don't need them. What I do need them for is to read the tickers on the bottom of TV broadcasts, and to read signage at night in places I'm not familiar with. But the point isn't so much about needing them, it's wanting them. When I decided to get glasses, I figured I'd only use them upon occasion. Then I put them on. It was like the difference between AV and HDMI-- unreal! It's been years since everything was that in focus. Trees didn't look real to me at first because they were too crisp. And my scrip is very minor (-.25, -.5). It's just amazing to me what just a pinch more focus can do for my eyesight.

OK, I haven't been to be tonight. Probably going to do that soon.